Last weeks, in the context of the CISMOB pilot project on promoting Information and Communication Technologies for real-time information on public transport that will be implemented in Centro Region, Portugal, many activities were conducted.

Meetings with Cantanhede and Penacova Municipalities representatives were very important to establish cooperation with the Aveiro University for the success of the pilot project.
There was developed and launched a stated preference survey both online and in person. A preliminary study of the survey was conducted earlier among Academy members to test the survey structure and the experimental design validity. This survey aims to evaluate which information platforms and types of information on public transport are preferable among different segments of the population and to evaluate the acceptability of innovative information display modes and services.
The survey was divided into socio-economic information (individual characteristics, income level, mobile device characteristics), current travel behaviour (location of daily trips, transport mode) and diagnostic information (types of and platforms with real-time information for public transport).
This survey was disseminated online and in specific sites such as Stockholm (SE), Coimbra, Aveiro, Cantanhede, and Penacova (PT). The prototype will be installed in two public transport services of these cities of Centro Region and the idea is also to compare and evaluate possible differences in areas with already available platforms with real-time information for public transport.
Bus trajectories were evaluated to decide where the display panels will be installed considering several factors, such as demand and bus stop location. The panels will be installed in early 2019 and synchronized with the software that will be used to track the buses. The central management application of real-time information on buses is already being developed.