CISMOB Lead Partner was invited by Municipality of Viseu to take part in the 1st Regional Stakeholder Meeting of the Interreg Europe Project InnovaSUMP.

The meeting gathered among others, researchers from University of Aveiro, University of Coimbra and Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, representatives of public transport operators, of the Centro Regional Coordination and Development Commission, of CEiiA - Centre of Engineering and Product Development, and IMTT - Institute for Mobility and Transport.

Current mobility situation in the city of Viseu was presented and future improvements regarding the quality of citizen life ware discussed. The new mobility system model in Viseu was presented. It will be focused on improving the urban public transport offer, developing apps for location of parking lots, implementing transport on demand services for low densily populated areas, and also invest in the construction of the eco-bicycle paths around the city.

The new project include two new urban lines with both electric and tradicional buses, and dedicated bike lanes in an attempt to promote soft modes of transport. University of Aveiro could discuss and share its experience in promoting innovative ways to reduce carbon footprint and increase the sustainability of urban areas by improving the efficiency in the use of urban transport infrastructure through ICT.

Next stakeholder meetings to participate in the development of the action plan for Viseu were scheduled.