The CISMOB pilot project on using Information and Communication Technologies for real-time information on public transport will be implemented in Cantanhede, Centro Region, Portugal.

A meeting to ultimate details between CISMOB's Lead Partner and other partners involved in the pilot project occurred in September 12th in Inova. The participants include representatives of INOVA - Cantanhede Economic and Social Development Enterprise, Coimbra Region Intermunicipal Community, Deti and Universidade de Aveiro. 

Information on the existing bus lines and frequency, as well as number of users, was presented. LP and Deti members explained in detail the idea behind the pilot. In particular, aspects related to a first phase with dissemination of surveys to infer users’ preference regarding how information should be displayed (via website, telefone call, text message, smartphone apps or panels near bus stops, schools), and in a second phase how bus monitoring can be done with tracker devices, were discussed.

Issues regarding installation of trackers and data treatment in an anonymously way were also pointed. It was decided that a specific document should be conceived in order to formalize and specify objectives and duration of the pilot project, all the a priori needed information, as well as who will be the data owner. It was also discussed the idea of developing a leaflet to share with public transport users when the survey is conducted, in order to show transparency on the project.