On January 26th, Carlos Sampaio from the CISMOB team of University of Aveiro participated in the Warm Up Session of the Lisbon Mobi Summit. The session was divided in four panels: Launch of the Global Mobi Awards, Mayor’s Council, Youth Council and Startups.

The first panel, the Global Mobi Awards, was presented by Robert Sussi, president of the jury, consultant and stakeholder of CISMOB. These prizes consist in rewarding good practices and projects that regard intelligent and sustainable mobility in two main areas:  

- vehicles, products and technology, and

- cities, organization and citizenship.

Later on, the Mayor’s Council panel discussed some issues regarding mobility in cities, and the investment on sustainable mobility was reinforced. The Youth Council shared experiences of mobility in Lisbon by a group of foreign students living in the city, and the Startups panel presented companies leading with new mobility concepts.   

All policy makers agreed that sustainable mobility and accessibility are the key challenges to be faced by municipalities over the next years. The coordinated implementation of ICT systems will have a decisive role in the success of new policies.