On the past 23rd of February, included in the framework of the CISMOB Staff Exchange Program, partners from AGENEX – Extremadura Energy Agency have traveled to Portugal to a ‘sharing of experience’ event focused on e-mobility. The meeting took place in the city of Evora, gathering representatives from Junta Extremadura, CIMAC (Comunidade Intermunicipal do Alentejo Central), MOBI.E and CEiiA (Centre of Engineering and Product Development).


The first part of the meeting consisted in a discussion about interoperability of the Portuguese MOBI.E system and how a cooperation between the region of Extremadura and Portugal may happen. On the second part, the participants attended a technical visit to see “in-loco” two different charge points (normal and fast charge).


The main goal of the event was to discuss the interoperability of electric charge points for electric vehicles (EV) developed by MOBI.E in Portugal, an innovative and unique project at European level. The meeting was very important to strengthen the cooperation between Extremadura and Portugal regarding the future interoperability of EV charging points.