The 3rd Regional Stakeholder Meeting took place in the University of Aveiro on the 15th of November. Promoting ICT in public transportation towards low carbon mobility policies and solutions in CENTRO Region was the main theme of the meeting.

On the first part of the event, the audience could attend to the presentation of some relevant players in this area. Henrique Domingos from Municipality of Viseu presented the INTERREG EUROPE project InnovaSUMP, that aims to introduce innovation in sustainable urban mobility plans for low-carbon urban transport, which is contributing to the development of the Urban Mobility Plan of Viseu through this interregional cooperation project.

Pedro Leão, from the company Novabase, presented some proposals for generating new ecosystems of transport through ICT’s, and new paradigms that urban transport is facing nowadays.

Jorge Bandeira, from University of Aveiro and Scientific Coordinator of CISMOB, introduced the project’s main goals and objectives, and contributed for the debate by presenting the most important mobility challenges that currently characterize the Centro Region. 

On the second part of the event, the participants were distributed into three groups, in order to understand the stakeholders’ perspectives, existing challenges and opportunities, and foster partnerships between stakeholders and synergies with CISMOB project. These groups designed pilot actions and discussed ideas about three main themes: smart ticketing, real-time public transport information system and open data in the transport sector.

The event ended with a networking lunch with all the participants.