The 3rd main CISMOB event took place in Bucharest on 9-10 October and was organized by ITS – Romania and Bucharest Metropolitan Transport Authority. The event included the 2nd Thematic Seminar and the 2nd Capacity Building Workshop of the project.

On the 9th of October, the 2nd Thematic Seminar started with a conference about the policy framework for ITS, smart mobility and reducing environmental impact. Several political representatives such as from the Romanian Ministry of Transport analyzed solutions for multimodal integration between urban and inter-urban transport, and to reduce CO2 emissions in national policies. In the afternoon, a more technical and scientific debate took place, with the intervention of researchers to examine specific cases of urban development and sustainable urban mobility policies of cities as Bucharest, Timisoara and Alba-Iulia. The debate identified the pros and cons of the smart cities and the costs implied to maintain this kind of sustainable mobility. Also in this conference, representatives of transportation platforms such as Uber and SWARCO presented ITS solutions for the future of sustainable mobility and also was discussed the low carbon mobility in areas like the airship and Heavy Trucks transportation.  

On the second day of the event, a working group meeting between CISMOB’s consortium partners happened in the morning. The afternoon was occupied by the 2nd Building Capacity Workshop with a more specific thematic about Smart Cities. The workshop started with the intervention of Venera Vlad, Associate Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (BERD) and ended with the presentation of three Portuguese projects presented by César Coutinho, Carlos Alves e Paulo Rodrigues. Companies like Deloitte and Renault also participated in the debate about the smart cities governance and urban solutions for sustainable mobility. The analysis about how these Smart Cities are viable and how infrastructures such as smart biking and smart parking can take a big step towards sustainable mobility in the big metropolitan areas was also an essential theme in this workshop.

The event ended with a tour to the Parliament and networking moments for CISMOB partners and stakeholders.