The article "Can google Maps popular Times be an alternative source of information to predict traffic related impacts?" by the CISMOB team of Univeristy of Aveiro was presented at the 97th meeting of transportation research board in Washington DC that brings together more than 12,000 transport professionals and researchers.

The paper reports how the new ICT sources can be used to predict environmental impacts (CO2 emissions, NOX and noise) and support traffic management. The case studies are located in the CISMOB regions of the Centro Region of Portugal (University of Aveiro) and Spanish Extremadura (Agenex), demonstrating the essential role of interregional cooperation in scientific innovation.

This CISMOB study received great receptivity and interest from participants arround the world. We expect that this study inspires regional decision makers to support more projects exploring new sources of data to improve the efficency in the use of our urban infrastructures.