On July 7 2017, the CISMOB's University of Aveiro team met with representatives from the Centro Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR-C) Lidia Martins, Vitor Baltazar and Bernardo Campos to prepare the action plan for the operational program CENTRO 2020.

Jorge Bandeira and Eloisa Macedo from UA presented potential best practices learned during interregional cooperation, with potential to be implemented in the CENTRO region and supported through the CENTRO 2020 operational program. Different areas of action were presented in the field of smart and connected mobility, such as ICT for intercity corridor management, electric mobility, real time information for public transport, and assistance technology for vulnerable people. 

In a second stage, the best practices identified will be discussed and evaluated with the regional stakeholders through a survey in order to prioritize the best practices be implemented in the action plan.