During 18th to 20 May, Pavlos Tafidis and Joao Texeira participated in the Staff Exchange Program in Extremadura Energy Agency (AGENEX) in Badajoz, Spain. There, they had the chance to be informed about the activities of the organization, to participate in the internal working meetings and to conduct some data collection experiments.

Staff Exchange Program Report - Badajoz 18-20.05.2017

18th May – Visit at Extremadura Energy Agency 

During the first day of the Staff Exchange Program in Badajoz, Pavlos Tafidis and João Texeira from University of Aveiro, had the chance to visit the Extremadura Energy Agency (AGENEX). The Extremadura Energy Agency is a public institution, created in 2001 thanks to the EU SAVE programme, with the aim of promoting renewable energy sources, increasing the efficiency and energy saving, and supporting energy planning at regional and local level.

Located in the three main cities of the region, AGENEX has become a key actor in the development of the Extremadura energy sector. AGENEX promotes the energy sector by providing direct support to the main regional actors: 

Local and regional administrations

SMEs associations and industry

Research centres and training institutions

General public.


19th May – Internal Working Meeting at AGENEX 

On the 19th of May, AGENEX hosted an internal working meeting where various issues were discussed as: 

Baseline assessment report – overview 
Technical papers
Action plan – next steps 
Best practice selection 
Pilot experiment perspectives 
Future collaborations