2nd November'16: Visit at Bucharest Metropolitan Transport Authority

During the first day of the Staff Exchange Program in Bucharest, Pavlos Tafidis from UA, had the chance to visit the Bucharest Metropolitan Transport Authority, partner of CISMOB Project (Interreg Europe). The Metropolitan Transportation Authority of Bucharest - A.M.T.B., is a public institution with legal personality, subordinated to the Ministry of Transport. It is designated to provide policy strategic planning, monitoring and endorsement activities on the authorization, organization and control of functioning of public transport passengers in the metropolitan area of Bucharest, for transportation by metro, buses, trams, trolley buses, regional trains and transport naval.

There, Cecilia Barbu and the others members of A.M.T.B. shared their vision and experience about public transport with him and analyzed their efforts towards an integrated public transport system in the metropolitan area of Bucharest. Next, the members of CISMOB Project discussed various issues regarding the Baseline Assessment Report.


3th – 4th November'16 – ITS Romania Congress 2016 

On the 3th and 4th of November, ITS Romania, partner of CISMOB Project with the support of European Commission and the Network of National ITS Associations hosted the ITS ROMANIA Congress 2016 “Smart and Sustainable Mobility” in Romanian – American University.

With over 50 participants, and 18 speakers representing different countries and institutions, the conference started by the opening remarks and followed by a series of presentations showing cases of international and local perspectives on Intelligent Transport Systems. The Congress was a main platform to exchange information and knowledge between academia and industry, technology suppliers and users, national and European initiatives and was planned to be the largest ITS event in Eastern Europe. 

The congress covered a wide range of topics relevant to:

• Smart cities and intelligent urban mobility

• ITS harmonised infrastructure and services for CEF Corridors

• Integrating transport and open data. Single point of access to traffic data

• ITS for railway, waterway and air transport

• Automated vehicles and cooperative ITS

• Mobile applications

• ITS for multimodal freight services

• E-Safety. Sustainable and green transport

• Policy, financing sources, standardisation and harmonisation

In the first day of the conference, the audience learned about the ITS perspectives on multimodal traveler information services from Mihai Niculescu General Director of ITS Romania, while before moving forward with the program, participants were introduced to CISMOB, the EU Interreg project that made this conference possible.

Cecilia Barbu shared with the audience the project’s overall objectives and mission to promote innovative ways to reduce carbon footprint and increase the sustainability in urban areas by using ICT to improve efficiency in the use of urban transport infrastructure.