The 4th Regional Stakeholders Group meeting of the 2 CircPro Italian partners, Regione Piemonte and University of Torino, took place on-line to overcome COVID-19 restrictions on the 26th May 2020.

The meeting connected 20 participants from 10 institutions that shared engaging and useful contributions according to this agenda:

•    Mrs Paola Migliorini , Deputy Head of Unit “Sustainable Production, Products and Consumption” of DG Environment at the European Commission made an overview on the new Action Plan on Circular Economy adopted on March 2020 and built on the work done since 2015, the new Plan focuses on the design and production for a Circular Economy, with the aim to ensure that the resources used are kept in the EU economy for as long as possible.

•    Mrs Camille Arneris introduced the activity of the Circular Economy Network, having the goal of supporting a profound change in our production system, moving from a linear economy to a circular model through the identification and the promotion of references and practices for Italian society and business needed to accelerate the transition to the Circular Economy. In order to analyse the performance of Circular Economy in Italy she then presented the 2nd report on Circular Economy in Italy (in Italian)

•    Mrs Elena Porro, from Regione Piemonte shared the Regional Strategy on Sustainable Development, covering the strategic choices and goals pursued by the Region on the period 2021-2027

•    Mr Luca Polidori introduced to the audience Veltha an international not-for-profit association based in Belgium and aiming to foster Research and Sustainable Development. He also explained the activities of the (new) Policy Lab for Circular Regions addressed to regions and thematic experts.

•    Mrs Anna Caputano, CircPro Project Manager at Regione Piemonte, shared outcomes of the Bulgarian Interregional Meeting and Study Visit held in February 2020 and provided updated information on forthcoming project initiatives.

As always, CircPro Stakeholder Group Meeting ended with a plentiful exchange of initiatives and forthcoming events among attendees.