Region of East Macedonia and Thrace engages local stakeholders in discussions regarding the action plan of the project. The scope of the discussions also entails energy efficiency promotion through public procurements, as a means to achieve the principles of circular economy. Special attention is given to the collaboration with the Managing Authority of the Regional Operational Programme as to how to incorporate energy efficiency criteria in tender procedures of current call for proposals of the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020. Relevant calls, of public works, identified were the following:

•    Development of psychosocial rehabilitation unit
•    Expansion / Upgrading of Water Supply Management Infrastructure
•    Creating Green Points and Networking
•    Development / Upgrading of Health Infrastructures

Furthermore, new stakeholders, namely local municipalities are expected to the meetings in order to discuss the energy efficiency benefits and their experience from the procurements of municipal street lighting. In this aspect, Municipality of Alexandroupoli was selected as a good practice for its implementation of public procurement for installation of energy efficient street lighting. Almost 22.000 new LED lamps were installed with an estimated energy saving of 4.400ΜW per year, and additional maintenance savings.

However, what is striking and will also be discussed among stakeholders is the changing electricity consumption patterns after COVID19. In Greece, the reduction of the average peak hour consumption during weekdays between 8am and 6pm in the weeks of mid-March to mid-April in relation to 2019 were from -1% to -9%.