Elverum Municipality is one of Norway's largest forest municipalities, and is therefore conscious about its role as a green (and sustainable) municipality. At the same time, the municipality is a center in the region where the other (but smaller) municipalities also have intentions for sustainability, but often lack the capacity to implement. Therefore, it is natural for Elverum to seek local cooperation so that our limited total resources can be utilized to the best possible extent.

Such cooperation takes place on many levels, and has received a new and exciting dimension through Elverum joining CicPro, with the other municipalities as Stakeholders. 

The first meeting of Stakeholders group has already taken place, and the participants showed great interest in sustainable purchasing, and look forward to the great learning opportunity and experience that this project represents. 

Our main focus in the project will be cooperation the Climate strategy, and for updating the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP)  

Elverum Municipality says in the existing climate and energy strategy: 

"When using renewable energy, climate-friendly energy solutions, climate-friendly materials and measures to increase CO2 binding in the forest, Elverum will increase its positive contribution to the global CO2 accounts. "

In the updated one, the latest public orders and guidelines must be taken into account, such as: 

  • The new Norwegian Climate Act (of.01.01.2018)
  • Recently ended conference in Katowice (Poland) where the Paris goals were clarified.
  • The political platform of the new Norwegian Government that, among other things, will increase the target of emission reduction in 2030 from 40% to 45% (compared with 1990)

Municipalities can not reach their goals without cooperation. 

In the picture, the new Ydalir School in Elverum, in massive wood (under construction).