Work at the CircPro (Smart Circular Procurement) project got a kick-start on the 11–13th of September 2018, when 11 project partner teams from 10 different regions gathered for a couple of autumnal days in Kouvola Finland. The project’s kick-off event was organised by the project’s Lead Partner Kouvola Innovation Oy.

As this was the very first time when the whole partnership got together, the main aim was of course getting to know each other. The priority was also to focus on actual project work as the first Partner and Steering Group Meetings took place in parallel. This meant that these few days were packed with loads of information and new faces. Everything from the “what are circular procurements” guidance to project management and next step duties, scheduling of future project meetings, all the way to more relaxed get-together events were at the agenda.

As a result, the partnership is now ready to start tackling the first tasks. This includes setting up regional stakeholder groups and keeping first meetings with them. Partners also needs to start mapping their policy frameworks and procurements, which have circular economy and sustainability elements in them, for charting the current regional operating environments.