CircPro’s library contains all the communication and information dissemination activities (excluding communication plan as it is meant for internal guidance, and updating of the project and institutional websites) carried out by the project, including project outputs.

With these, CircPro aims to:

Raise awareness among public procurers, product/service providers (suppliers), regional politicians and policymakers, as well as the general society, of the tangible benefits for a transition towards a circular economy by using the circular procurement.

Disseminate project outputs at the widest level, looking for synergies with other Interreg Europe related projects and existing networks and initiatives in the circular economy field.

Contribute with good practices, policy briefs and recommendations to the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform on Environment and Resource Efficiency.

Planned communication and information dissemination activities and project outputs:

  • Project poster
  • Project brochure
  • Project newsletters (1 per year in Phase 1)
  • Media coverage (30 media appearances, press releases etc., during the project’s lifetime)
  • 10 Regional Action Plans
  • 10 Policy Briefs
  • 10 Regional Guidebooks including regional overviews on current policy and regulatory frameworks that could support circular procurement implementation
  • 1 Best Practice in Circular Procurement document consisting of 20 good circular procurement practices
  • 1 Method for involving companies in the circular procurement process document
  • 60 Policy learning events including : 9 Inter-regional Partner Meetings and Study Visits (8 in Phase 1 and one in Phase 2), 5 Regional Stakeholder Meetings by each partner, and one high level Final Conference in Phase 2