Marina Gerasimova

Architect for Sofinvest Ltd. Sofinvest Ltd company

Email : [email protected]

1. Who are you? Introduce yourself and your functions in your company in a few lines?

I’m Marina Gerasimova, I’m an architect and I work for Sofinvest Ltd. Sofinvest Ltd is a company with 100% municipal property of Sofia Municipality, since 1989.

My work is based on:
-    Development and management of investment projects
-    Consultancy in construction
-    Exercise of construction supervision and investment control
-    Valuation of quantitative bills for construction and assembly works

2. Explain us your circular project in a few lines?

The idea is in the line with the CE to keep all products as long as possible in the value chain and to extend their lifecycle through recycling and recovery. We work together with the Municipality of territory of Sofia Municipality is disposed of in the landfill in the territory of the city of Sofia. The terrain of the landfill covers an area of 411 decares.

The company has prepared and coordinated with Regional Inspectorate for Environment and Water the following projects:

-    Working plan for the recultivation of landfill for construction and demolition waste in Vrajdebna
-    Construction of waste treatment and recovery centre
-    Working plan for recultivation of damaged terrains, located next to the landfill.
A waste treatment and recovery center has been established and is being developed. The machine recycles construction waste generated on the territory of Sofia Municipality. After processing, secondary raw materials will be reused and so the loop will be closed.

3. Did the Circe project allow you to meet interesting partners to optimize/ go on/ develop/ even sell your project?

It was my first time meeting the CircE’s partners here in London. I hope that colleagues from other projects will share their good practices. We are still in the beginning of the implantation of CE measures and we would like to benefit from foreign experience in this area.

4. How did you know about the Circe project?

Our organisation works a lot with the Municipality of Sofia, so they asked me to join the CircE project.