Simona Faccioli 

CEO of ReMade Italy

Email: [email protected]



1. Who are you? Introduce yourself and your functions in your company in a few lines.

My job is related with labels and certification. I may say that my job arrives at the end of a circular process because the purpose is to find out the best solution to promote circular products, communicate transparency of recovery process and verify the real content of recovery materials in goods. For private and especially public market (green procurement).

I work at Remade in Italy, that is a no-profit private association founded in 2009 by the Lombardy Region and other public institutions and that join several private companies involved in Circular economy by producing goods and materials form waste recycling. In many sector such as building, furniture, textile fashion and so on.

The main purpose of ReMade in Italy is to get in contact "circular" companies with Public institutions especially in terms of Green public procurement.


2. Explain us your circular project in a few lines?

ReMade in Italy has set down a certification, GPP compliant and aimed to verify the specific content of recovery material in a product. 

The label is very useful and important for Public administration (that in Italy must apply environmental criteria) to make GPP and recognize, in total safety, the recovery content.

GPP gives to environmental label a central role, because since it is mandatory for P.a. to buy a minimum amount of recycled product, they have to be sure about what they receive during the public tender.


3. Did the CircE project allow you to meet interesting partners to optimize / go on / develop / even sell your project? 

My first aim is to know if there are some similar experiences about instruments aimed to calculate the circular content of goods deriving from recycling and promote them on the public or private market. We think this issue is very important for the circular economy's achievement.

RMI is a private association which gathers circular companies. Some of them are very innovative.

I also think that could be very interesting for other partners to know GPP experience coming from Italy. It is quite early to have some data about the results of GPP application in Italy, but for sure GPP is one of the most efficient instruments to lead an increase in quantity and also quality of recycled goods in the market and to expand the related industry. 


4. How did you know about the CircE project?

Lombardy Region is one of the founding members of ReMade in Italy.