The 3rd CircE stakeholders’ group meeting of Catalonia was held on January 24th, 2018, at the headquarters of the Secretary of Environment and Sustainability from the Government of Catalonia, and was attended by 16 people. Participants to the meeting were CircE stakeholders from textile and beverage sectors and also CEOs of companies related with digital retail, advanced materials, smart cities, etc. 

The aim of the meeting was 1) to discuss circular opportunities and related barriers of the studied sectors to advance towards to a circular economy and 2) to identify digital and technological opportunities that can act as driving force to facilitate circular actions.

The debate of the group sessions followed the ReSOLVE methodology of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the challenges identified for the IT sector that can be developed to facilitate circularity to the textile and beverage sectors are the following:

• Data interoperability among value chain

• Consumer engagement to move towards circular products and services

• Real-time data: useful for policy and decission making

Besides the stakeholders’ group meetings, Catalonia is capturing the state of the art, opinion and circularity potential and readiness of the studied sectors by doing more than 20 individual interviews to relevant companies, cluster managers, business associations and research and innovation centers.