Agata Zemska

Director of the Economy Division in the Marshal's Office of Lower Silesia

1.  Who are you? Please introduce yourself and your function in your institution in few lines.

My name is Agata Zemska, I am a director of the Economy Division in the Marshal's Office of Lower Silesia Voivodship. We are involved in the implementation and management of the Regional Innovation Strategy, including smart specializations, Instruments of entrepreneurship development, as well as issues related to the implementation of international projects that concern various aspects of socio-economic life.

2.    Please describe the actions your Institution perform in Circular Economy.

Lower Silesia is a modern region, one of the better developed in the country. We make sure that development occurs in accordance with sustainable principles with care for the environment. Therefore, in our Regional Development Strategy of the Voivodeship of Lower Silesia, we also included aspects related to the circular economy. One of the operational goals is the Circular Economy. This strategy for the first time contains this issue, and was adopted less than a month ago. In the strategy, primarily in this operational objective, we draw attention to several challenges related to CE, namely issues related to the management of post-mining waste due to the fact that we are a region full of raw materials and we have a lot of this waste in our region. The second aspect of challenges is the issue of business models and entrepreneurs' interest to minimize the use of raw materials, and to minimize waste production in production processes. The third aspect is also the issue of long-term use of products. We are a pioneer in the support of craft trades in Poland, and we want these traditional professions like shoemaker or leatherworker, to allow us as consumers to be able to use certain products longer, and not consume them and buy new ones too often. And finally, the fourth aspect, education is extremely important, so that from an early age young people know what is CE and concern for the environment. We want to build and support activities for the awareness of children and young people in this area.