The 23 and 24th of november around 40 professionals : representants of 8 europeans regions partners involved in CIRCE’s project and their stakeholders had a meeting organised by Catalonian region in Barcelona ! A meeting organized as part of Circe’s project, with as objective a special focus on opportunities and barriers encountered by the partners.  

Circular economy is a real challenge !   

Barriers and opportunities, were the points exchanged during the meeting : within our thematics sectors (plastics, biomass,  WEEE, buildings, textile…), how can we learn from eachother in order to promote and implement circular economy ? Based on a analyses, and on-going studies and meetings, each partner could share its particularities, good opportunities but also difficulties.

The point of view of the Ellen mac Arthur fondation : collaboration as a model !

A wide European project involving regions and municipalities to work together, based on a common tool and inspired by the Ellen Mac Arthur methodology : “That's the first time and really unique” said Frank Wiseler, Government & Cities Research Manager at Ellen MacArthur Foundation, espacially invited during this meeting.

The Ellen Mac Arthur Methodology so called RESOLVE is a framework based on six actions areas for businesses and countries wanting to move towards the circular economy :

SOURCE: Ellen MacArthur Foundation, SUN and McKinsey Center for Business and Environment, Growth Within: A Circular Economy Vision for a Competitive Europe (2015). Based on S. Heck, M. Rogers, P. Carroll, Resource Revolution (2015)

Each of the six actions represents a circular business opportunity.

“These actions all increase the utilisation of physical assets, prolong their life, and shift resource use from finite to renewable sources. Each action reinforces and accelerates the performance of the other actions. The ReSOLVE framework offers businesses and countries a tool for generating circular strategies and growth initiatives." Source : EMF A toolkit for policy markers – 2015.

Frank Wiseler encouraged all of us, to create value and to orient on how public sectors can move the transition in Europe.

More than 30 stakeholders during the meeting : Circular Economy, a real opportunity for business !

More than 30 stakeholders took part during the meeting and could have special organised B2B meetings and site visits thanks to Catalan partner’s organization.

Advance London (London) , Loop (London) , Centrocot, AFIL, ANPAR, CAUTO, CAT.AL, COREPLA (Lombardy), Wageningen University and Research (Gelderland), CETI (Hauts de France), Catalan Business Agency, Catalan Waste Agency, Materfad, Mango, Suez, AEI Textils, Gestora de Runes, AAD Market, La Vola, Arlalora, Elisava, Foment del Treball (Catalonia). All of them could meet the different partners and give it’s business oriented point of view. Legislation should orient the implementation of CE in many sector, but one of the goals of Circe’s project is to build policy instruments including the SME’s point of view and needs.