The subject of the meeting was, among others, preparing CE thematic areas where the Circe project should focus on.  


- dr. Emilia den Boer, representing the Faculty of Environment of the Wrocław University of Technology, referring to the topics proposed, pointed out that one of the important tasks that we should undertake is updating our knowledge of existing waste biomass in Lower Silesia. Such knowledge could be used by companies that would like to invest in the processing and use of existing raw materials. Participation in the project also enables us to gain knowledge about existing methods of using bio-waste in Europe, which are not yet used in Poland. 

- Mr. Mirosław Bachorz, environmental and eco-efficiency specialist, participant of the business model group in the CE area at the Ministry of Development level, stated that it is crucial to properly define the strategic directions in which to follow and then focus on concrete tasks or analyzes. It should also bend, apart from a close sectoral look, on the topic of repair and reuse and prolonging the life of products, ie the development of business models conforming to CE principles and involvement in this process of Lower Silesian business. The representatives of regional business should also be involved in the work of CE stakeholders. One of the aims of the project should be an attempt to indicate the potential for optimizing production in the CE spirit. Our goal should also be to gather good practices in Lower Silesia, which could then be shared with other entrepreneurs in the region and with partners in Europe.

- Mr. Mirosław Maliszewski, a geologist at the Poltegor-Institute of Open Cast Mining, emphasized that at the beginning of our work it is important to collect information on existing mining waste in Lower Silesia. For this purpose, existing databases can be used in the Marshal’s Office Department of the Environment, the Regional Mining Authority and at the State Geological Institute. With this knowledge, it is possible to consider recycling waste, for example in ceramics or in agriculture as a mineral fertilizer.

- Mr. Mateusz Rak, a lecturer at the Banking School, working on social business engagement, noted that in the context of the planned analysis it is important to consider the scope of the study, eg in the area of bio-waste. In addition, it would be worth thinking to consider how to reach entrepreneurs with knowledge about CE eg on the possibility of using bio-waste and mine waste that arise during the company's activity.


It was agreed that one of the aims of the project should be the preparation of a road map for CE in Lower Silesia including the inclusion of CE principles in the updated Development Strategy of the Lower Silesia Region and regional sector strategies. It was agreed that jointly the scope of Analyzes should be prepared together with an inventory of existing bio-waste and mine waste in Lower Silesia. The analysis will identify existing technologies for better use of waste and will show examples of business models by which in selected areas Lower Silesian businesses could more easily and effectively go from the current production model to the CE model. It was also agreed that the participants would send to June 29th this year - to the Marshal’s Office - information on the institutions they represent. These data will then be sent to the project leader, which will be the basis for the official enrollment of participants into the CircE stakeholders list.