The Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia (SOS) held its first stakeholder meeting within the Interreg founded project CircE, which is dedicated to promote circular economy and increase the capacity of the partners and its policy instruments to steer the economy towards a circular model, on 26th May in Ljubljana.  

The project carries out this task with the aim of changing or re-addressing selected policy instruments by sharing knowledge and experience among partners through sustained stakeholder involvement and with a deeper analysis of the economic system. This is why the Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia (SOS) organized the first stakeholder meeting with sector organizations, relevant ministries, experts and interested municipalities.

In this meeting the Association presented the project CircE and discussed the upcoming tasks, related to stakeholder involvement. The goal of the meeting was to formally constitute a group of stakeholders, which are willing to participate and share their knowledge related to circular economy in the project CircE for the next 2,5 years, to discuss the identified opportunities for the development of circular economy in Slovenia in relation to the competences of Slovenian municipalities.

The Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia focused with the involved stakeholders on 3 main sectors: food/agriculture, waste and tourism from the viewpoint of municipalities.