Project good practices

Recovery of generated sewage sludge

Summary: Recovery of generated sewage sludge

Location: Югозападен, Bulgaria (България)

Old Paper for New Book

Summary: Under the motto “Clean Up and Read Up”, the children had the opportunity to learn more about recycling.

Location: Югозападен, Bulgaria (България)

WEEE door to door collection

Summary: Free of charge collection of WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) from households with mobile team collectors

Location: Югозападен, Bulgaria (България)

I have a great idea: let’s reduce food waste - Virtuous Local...

Summary: The project aims to promote donation of unsold food (or food that is about or near to expire date) by the "Large-Scale Retail Trade" (GDO) to no profit body

Location: Lombardia, Italy (Italia)

Social Refrigerators

Summary: Social Refrigerators to distribute surplus food and products with a short expiration date

Location: Dolnośląskie, Poland (Polska)

The use of the potential of sewage streams in wastewater...

Summary: Wrocław Sewage Treatment Plant uses the energy potential of sewage sludge and minimizes the use of water by utilizing purified sewage.

Location: Dolnośląskie, Poland (Polska)

Paper documents management at WSB Universities

Summary: Printed materials have been successively replaced by electronic ones. This includes all groups of stakeholders, including employees and students.

Location: Dolnośląskie, Poland (Polska)


Summary: The Albergo Diffuso Ornica is the oldest and best-known case of scattered hotel in Lombardy, located in the Ornica hamlet (Orobic Alps) and established in 2009

Location: Lombardia, Italy (Italia)

Agreement on Sustainable Garment and Textile

Summary: To reduce their negative impact on labour and environment a broad coalition has signed the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile.

Location: Gelderland, Netherlands (Nederland)

INNOTEC GRANTS IN CATALONIA: Circular RDI projects for SMEs with...

Summary: Innotec grants aim to support RDI projects done by SMEs and recognized tecnology agents (TECNIO centers). They include a circular economy eligible category.

Location: Cataluña, Spain (España)

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