Under the sponsorship of the Prime Minister of the Slovenian Government Dr. Miro Cerar, the 2nd International Circular Economy Conference is the perfect ground for selecting those “circular seeds” that can grow into sustainable solutions.

Slovenia with the advantage of size (2 million population and the territory of 20.273 km² ), economic complexity and social cohesion can offer itself as a pilot country for the deepest absorption of circular transition and become both a field of business opportunities and lessons to be learned and shared.

At the conference we will explore the systemic approach by tapping into circular economy platforms at local, urban, regional and international levels. We will learn about collaboration in the context of circular business models and the evolution of circular cities; we will engage into the new narrative through case studies as the most appropriate learning and knowledge-transfer method, together with accomplished circular pioneers. Last but not least, we will discuss the effect and opportunities deriving from the ongoing disruption of conventional business schemes, seeing new roles for public private partnerships, procurement, taxation and financial institutions.

Join us and share your circular story with us!

Ladeja Godina Košir MSc,

Programme Director and Host of the 2nd International Circular Change Conference, Leader and Executive Director of Circular Change / Gm