Through a series of events that will take place throughout the country, we encourage sustainable production and consumption - the basic assumptions of the circular economy. Circular Week aims to make consumers aware that we can live and develop using resources effectively and generating as little waste as possible. Together, through our everyday decisions, we can contribute to the improvement of our environment, quality of life and sustainable socio- economic growth.  For this purpose, it is also necessary to involve producers.

Circular Week shows circular economy’s vast business possibilities, allows for establishing cooperation between various groups of stakeholders, as well as provides a platform for presenting production solutions and goods that are economically and socially responsible.

The project goal is to involve as many entities, people and institutions as possible in the implementation and promotion of the circular economy. Everyone can become a co-organizer of Circular Week. The Institute of Innovation and Responsible Development gathers all initiatives related to this concept, puts them on the map of events and in the calendar and assists their promotion. Furthermore, a grant programme was established to support ten best initiatives organized during Circular Week. 

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