The involvement of the CHRISTA project in the "European Tourism Manifesto for Growth & Jobs", through the advisory partner ECTN, was continued in the revision and updating of the Manifesto in January 2017. Due to the involvement of the CHRISTA project in both the Tourism Manifesto and the European Heritage Alliance 3.3 (EHA) coordinated by Europa Nostra, the latter has now signed the Tourism Manifesto and the coordinator of the Manifesto, the European Travel Commission (ETC), has now joined EHA as a new member. This is an unexpected achievement of the CHRISTA project, through the advisory partner ECTN, bringing pan-European networks in the cultural heritage and tourism sectors that hitherto had little interaction to work together for cultural and heritage tourism development and progress.

The Tourism Manifesto, coordinated by ETC, includes references to preservation of cultural heritage, in terms of stronger awareness of European citizenship, as well as references to thematic tourism including culture, gastronomy and cycle routes, quality schemes including heritage, digitalisation, diversification, visitor economy, climate and job creation goals, local communities, visitor's experience, holistic European approach, topics of high relevance to CHRISTA project and partnership.

The Tourism Manifesto signatories and the EHA members are important actors for CHRISTA dissemination, particularly in relation to the forthcoming 'European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018' during which the project results will become of high added value to other regions, destination authorities and organisations. The Tourism Manifesto has some 40 signatories, pan-European associations in the tourism sector. EHA has 40 members, pan-European or international federations or networks in the broad field of cultural heritage.