The third inter-regional thematic workshop will be dedicated to the identifications, analysis and exchange of knowledge and practices on the topic  'Heritage Interpretation Facilities' for Cultral Tourism between the project partners and their stakeholders, invited keynote/guest speakers, policy makers, external experts and selected external contributors - practitioners and academics.

On the 1st day, the exchange of experience will be organised between the project partners, their stakeholders and external experts.

On the second day, the workshop will continue as a conference 'Cultural Values, Diversity and Heritage: Pillars of Sustainable Tourism for Development’ with a special session on Heritage Interpretation Facilities for Cultural Tourism with invited keynote speakers/guests, CHRISTA partners, stakeholders, experts and selected external contributors - practitioners.

The study visit in the following day will be organised around the topic of the workshop by including the first day’s activities and conclusions/findings presented.

Interreg Europe projects are invited to share their experience on the topic!