The third inter-regional thematic workshop of CHRISTA project took place in Sibiu, Romania, on 19-21 September 2017, dedicated to the identification, analysis and exchange of knowledge and practices on the topic  'Heritage Interpretation Facilities' for Sustainable Cultural Tourism between the project partners and their stakeholders, invited keynote/guest speakers, policy makers, external experts and selected external contributors - practitioners and academics. The Workshop was organised by project partner Sibiu County Tourism Association (SCTA) in cooperation with advisory partner European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN).

On the first day, the exchange of experience was organised between the project partners, their stakeholders and external experts.

On the second day, the workshop continued as a conference special session on Heritage Interpretation Facilities for Cultural Tourism with invited keynote speakers/guests, CHRISTA partners, stakeholders, experts and selected external contributors - practitioners. Keynote speakers were from Interpret Europe (European Association for Heritage Interpretation), Europa Nostra and European Travel Commission. The CHRISTA project partners discussed their good practices in heritage interpretation for sustainable cultural tourism with external participants and contributors.

The study visits in the following day were organised around the topic of the Workshop in several places around Sibiu County, viz:

The Saxon heritage of Transylvania

Visit of the fortified church of Cisnădie/Heltau – religious and cultural site that will be restored with EU funds through the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020.

• New marketing tools-Cisnădie city app, Transilvania card 

• Local guides-how to involve the local community in providing tourist services.

• Product diversification: how to organize a cultural agenda.

The Romanian heritage, Răşinari  

The historic tram is connecting the city of Sibiu with the pastoral village of Răşinari. Known as the cheese tram is mainly used for tourism and culture activities.

ASTRA open-air museum – Learning DIVERSITY trough play 

  Visit of the most important ethnographic museum in Romania.

• A ludic way to understand how people of different origins, cultures and religions used to live together in Romanian villages.  

• Visitor center with focus on the program for heritage interpretation through cultural animations.