During this meeting, Region of Central Macedonia informed the audience about the programme, project, issues tackled, defined tasks, progress, results, impacts, benefits existing and expected. 

The Vice Governor of Tourism and Culture of Central Macedonia, Mr. Alexandros Thanos gave an interview to a local TV channel TV 100 and to the 'Athens News Agency–Macedonian Press Agency' regarding the project, the importance of the policy change, and more specifically the contribution of citizens and stakeholders to this change through the open discussions implemented in the framework of this project. Furthermore, he gave emphasis to the promotion of growth and jobs through engagement and collaboration between public and private sectors, tourism and cultural industries. Among others, the project aim is to disseminate best practices in terms of natural & cultural heritage in order to develop the attractiveness of the region of Central Macedonia.

The interview was followed by an open discussion among the attendees on matters relative to the project subject, and some very interesting ideas and suggestions were recorded. The event was completed with the participants expressing their will to attend the next dissemination event in order to be informed about the progress of the project and also to give their input.