On 16 May 2017, European Cultural Tourism Network presented CHRISTA project in the Launch conference of  Green Pilgrimage Interreg Europe project, which supports natural and cultural heritage and promotes pilgrimage tourism.

The conference was hosted in the Cathedral Lodge by the Diocese of Canterbury, Kent County Council with the participation of other European partners.

The conference gathered experts from across Europe to share their experiences on developing ‘green pilgrimage’, to inspire others across Europe, as well as discussed the environmental, spiritual, community and economic benefits that pilgrimage can bring.

During the event, several priority themes of CHRISTA project were presented and synergies highlighted on common issued addressed in the both projects for natural and cultural heritage. Particularly, on local products and gastronomy with traditional skills as trades (intangible heritage), responsible tourism in terms of respecting traditions of residents by visitors (responsible tourism), as well as information for visitors including digital traveller (interpretation facilities and digitisation of cultural assets).

Both project CHRISTA and Green Pilgrimage look forward on how to explore opportunities on working together and exchange of experience and information in the future.