Around 40 people from the tourism sector, museums and associations came together, in order to gain a greater understanding of the narrative role in the tourism sector, good examples about storytelling in the tourism sector and receive knowledge on how to work with stories in various digital media. 

The aim of the day was to: 

  • provide a greater understanding of the narrative role in the tourism sector, 
  • give a number of good examples of storytelling in Västra Götaland,
  • provide basic knowledge of how to work with stories in various digital media
  • how intangible heritage can be included in Action Plans 

The meeting started with a presentation of the CHRISTA project by representatives of Region of Västra Götaland/Västarvet and continued with a lecture from John Daun, University of Gothenburg, about storytelling in the tourism sector.

Annika Carlsson Bergdahl and Jerker Andersson spoke about how they in the project Hembygd let young people tell about their homeland and the places they belong to.

Anders Nykvist from the West Swedish Tourist Board highlighted, how they work with tourism development in Västra Götaland and the significance of the stories in this work, four presentations of stories and site development followed.

Märta Gustafsson, a representative from Innovatum, told about how young holiday workers made a film about Munkedals railway museum. Richard Widerberg spoke about the project Sites in Northern Vånga, where he recorded the older people's stories about places in their immediate environment. Sanja Peters from the Gothenburg City Museum featured the two digital applications: 'My City' and project 'Göteborg tells' where Gothenburgers have the possibility to tell their stories of the town. Lars Vipsjö from the University of Skövde, concluded about project KASIS, which works with gamification on cultural and historical sites and stories in Western Sweden.

The day ended with a storytelling - workshop where were discussions on how to use storytelling to enhance the attractiveness of a location or event, and how the website can be used in this work, as well as with the next steps and future activities in CHRISTA project.