The Municipality of Middelburg has identified two completely different good practices in their region. The first is the fishery wharf of Arnemuiden where old fishing and sailing vessels are being restored, and the second is the production and sale of fishery sweaters which are typical for the region. Both practices make sure traditional knowledge is being preserved and made available to those who are interested. 

Fishery Wharf Meerman

In Arnemuiden, historic boats are being restored on the basis of old plans and photos. While restoring the vessels, young people are being taught the traditional crafts by the local craftsmen. This all takes place at Wharf Meerman which has been operational since 1786, and was almost closed due to a lack of income as less and less orders would come in. Fishermen, craftsmen and the owner came together and established an institute to save the wharf, and to preserve and teach the traditional skills affiliated with building, maintaining and restoring historic vessels. Since then, twenty sailing vessels have been bought and restored with public funding. The wharf is still looking for ways to make the activities of the wharf future proof, good suggestions to do so have been offered by the other CHERISH partners during their visit to the wharf.

Zeeland Fishery Sweaters

The community of Arnemuiden has been involved in promoting and marketing the rediscovery of historical fishery sweaters as modern streetwear. Knitting patterns of fishing sweaters can differ per region, and even per village, and the citizens of Arnemuiden are very proud of their own historic designs. Producing sweaters in fashionable colours next to traditional colours have made them even more popular among the greater public. Sweaters are being sold in local crafts shops, fishery museums and online. The knitting patterns are now also used for quilts and traditional scarfs.
The project gained a lot of publicity and has since been transferred to other fishing communities of the Netherlands and abroad.  

To learn more about all the projects and initiatives that contribute to the protection and promotion of cultural heritage in fishing communities , check out the good practices page on the website.