Europe Week in Middelburg

Municipality of Middelburg, the lead partner in the CHERISH project, has organized a ‘Europe Week’ from November 18th until 29th 2019. The municipality wanted to bring Europe and Interreg to the attention of its inhabitants (over 50,000) in a positive way. In recent years many projects have been realized in the municipality of Middelburg. It involves many different projects throughout the municipality. A lot of money is needed to realize these projects. Because European subsidies were available for these projects, they have been realized or are currently being implemented.

The 15 banners showed the projects which are currently being implemented in the municipality. Through the panels and messages on the municipal website, social media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) and the local news, the municipality of Middelburg reached its inhabitants and others.  

Also CHERISH was presented. The municipality of Middelburg is the project leader of CHERISH. In Zeeland a stakeholder group is working together to stimulate new business opportunities for fishing communities in order to preserve their cultural heritage, and to support promoters in the development of new products and the promotion of fishing traditions.