Winners CHERISH photo competition 

More than 300 pictures from all over Europe were submitted to the CHERISH photo competition "Fishing communities' heritage" . The members of the international jury had the difficult task to choose the regional and overall winners among all the entries. The main criteria for the selection were: quality, composition and relevance to the theme.

Photographers, tourists and inhabitants submitted many pictures capturing fishermen in action or resting after the hard work, old fishermen working together with the young generation and also women celebrating old traditions or during daily life. Besides people, a large number of pictures showed boats at sea or in the harbours, beautiful landscapes and tools and equipment.

CHERISH is proud to announce the winner of the photo competition: Jorge Meira !! . He won the contest with the picture „fishermen arriving on the beach after a night spent at sea". The picture was taken in Castelo do Neiva, Portugal. The entire region of Alto Minho is characterized by an active fishing community - their traditions and activities are based on the culture of fishing, and the residents actively try to safeguard their values and the unique identity of the region.

The regional winner from Cyprus is Niki Nikolaou, who portrayed an old fisherman at the harbour after his daily fishing. Patricia Muscente, is the regional winner from Abruzzo Region, Italy - her picture shows a beautiful sunset where the sun seems to dive into the nets of the Trabocco. Another sunset picture, this time at the harbour of Vlissingen, was taken by Tim Adriaanse and has been selected as the regional winner from Zeeland.


The sun´s rays illuminating the sky are the key elements in the picture chosen as regional winner for Eastern Macedonia & Thrace in Greece - the picture was taken by Efstratios Lales. Angel Vicente won the competition with a picture taken in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. It shows fishing boats at the harbour ready to be repaired. Peter Böß submitted a picture showing traditional fishing equipment in the harbour of Prerow, in Mecklenburg- western Pomerania, Germany. Last but not least, a very nice shot from Askolds Berovskis was selected as winner for Riga region, Latvia - this last pictures shows that fishery needs dedication and is hard work.

The overall winner will receive an award during the next CHERISH event in Mallorca and, together with the regional winners and other stunning pictures, will be part of a travelling exhibition that will be displayed in different locations around Europe from April 2020.

More information about the photo competition can be found here .

Do you want to join during the event in Mallorca, please send an email to [email protected]