The second traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) workshop was successfully held in Viana do Castelo – Alto Minho, Portugal on the 24th October 2019. Hosted by the Portuguese CHERISH partners, the Intermunicipal Community of Alto Minho, the workshop focused upon aspects of TEK within the Alto Minho region. The workshop concluded with bilateral discussions between CHERISH partners regarding their own TEK work.

CHERISH partners were presented two concrete examples of TEK from the Alto Minho region: the first being the Pesqueiras do rio Minho (traditional fishing traps) used to catch lamprey on the River Minho, and the second being the traditional seaweed (Sargasso) harvest of Alto Minho. The Lugar do Real Platform, an excellent example of dissemination of traditional knowledge to a wider audience, was also shown to the CHERISH partners during the workshop.

TEK work plans for four CHERISH partner regions were also discussed and agreed at the workshop. These are the Municipality of Middelburg working to document fishing knowledge and weather reading of a local fisherman, Riga Planning Region working to document aspects of TEK within the Riga Bay Lamprey fisheries, Development Co. Pafos Aphrodite Ltd working to document the last of the traditional net makers of Paphos and the Municipality of Kavala working to document traditional knowledge of the lagoon fishermen.

Intensive work is scheduled in 2020 to be conducted between Snowchange and the CHERISH partners with continued co-learning between partner regions on TEK issues being the main focus. Two further interregional learning and exchange of ideas events will be attended in Mallorca and Kaval in spring and autumn 2020, with the final TEK workshop being held in Latvia in September 2020.