The 4th CHERISH Interregional Learning and Exchange of Experience Event (ILEEE 4) will take place in Viana, Portugal organised by the CHERISH partner Cim Alto Minho.

During this learning event the “Lugar do Real” platform will be presented. The main objective of the platform is to disseminate and enhance the social image of fishing activity and professionals of the sector in the “Aldeias do Mar” territory. Participants will also visit the “Navio Gil Eannes” ; this ship and museum is a symbol of the fishing culture and shipbuilding of the city, and contributes to the preservation of the collective memory of a people, especially of the cod fishermen of the handliner fishing. 

Later in the afternoon of the 23rd of October the CHERISH partners and there stakheolders will go to visit the Aquamuseum Rio Minho, which is a municipal project, open to the public since 2005, aiming at divulgation of natural heritage of the Minho basin. This includes dissemination of ethnographic heritage associated with the River Minho artisanal fishing, environmental education, scientific research, and local products tasting. 

The second day of the ILEEE 4 will contain a visit to the AmareMar project in the Municipality of Esposende. This project provides social support and occupational activities of fishermen and the fishing community. There are performing arts ateliers (theater, street paintings, festive public art (decoration). The result is an enhanced sense of place and sense of belonging.

In the afternoon project partners will work together on the Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) of the seaweed harvesting in Alto Minho and will include lessons learned from the other regions involved in CHERISH. 

 At the end of the day CHERISH partners and their stakeholders will be involved in the peer review, discussing the lessons learned from the ILEEE on Policies & Strategies , Cultural heritage assets (tangible & intangible) , Traditional Ecological Knowledge , Economic opportunities and Stakeholder involvement.

This will be an interesting and inspiring event, for sure!

Please find some more info on cultural heritage in Cim Alto Minho here.