The CHERISH partners and stakeholders will visit Abruzzo from 3rd to 5th July in order to participate in the 3rd CHERISH Interregional Learning and Exchange of Experience Event (ILEEE). This event will represent the occasion to introduce to partners’ representatives and stakeholders the cultural heritage of local fishing communities as an opportunity for economic development, as well as to share the local good practices with potential for transferability to other fishing communities in Europe.

Abruzzo Region staff and local stakeholders are working hard together for the organization of the ILEEE. Already in February, Abruzzo Region held its 2nd Regional Stakeholder Group Meeting, where stakeholders discussed on the regional cultural heritage assets and on the identification and selection of good practices in the Abruzzo region to be presented to partners during the 3rd ILEEE. Other restricted Regional Stakeholder Group meetings, as well as field visits, have also been held to define contents and logistics of the meeting in Abruzzo, respectively with the SLOW Food Association and with the three regional FLAGs.

In order to deeply analyze the best practices to be presented during the ILEEE meeting in Abruzzo, a 3rd Regional Stakeholder Group Meeting is planned for the next 28th of June where all stakeholders involved in the capitalization and learning experience process will be invited. This RSG meeting will be attended also by a representative of the advisory partner EUCC-Germany, which is supporting the partnership in capacity building and stakeholder involvement activities.

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