EUCC-D (Germany), Municipality of Middelburg (Netherlands), Riga Planning Region (Latvia) and Cim Alto Minho (Portugal), all partners in the CHERISH project, promoted the CHERISH project during the uropean Maritime Days (EMD2019) in Lisbon, Portugal, May 16-17 2019.

The EMD is celebrated across Europe to raise the visibility of maritime sectors and to support an integrated approach to maritime affairs. It was the perfect opportunity for CHERISH to show what has been done so far in the project regarding cultural heritage, to find out about other projects, and to discuss maritime issues which are of relevance to cultural heritage and small fishing communities. Especially the high level of policy makers being present, made the EMD 2019 an excellent promotional event. CHERISH efforts in the participating fishing communities have generated different good practices which were of interest to several participants of the event.

The CHERISH partner Cim Alto Minho joined the FARNET workshop on the future of FLAGS in Portuguese fisheries & aquaculture. It showed real care and commitment to local action.

Furthermore, CHERISH partners were able to attend workshops on how to make the most of EU funding opportunities, blue economy and value chains, tourism, and on boosting ocean literacy through the construction of the European Ocean Alliance. The CHERISH project manager Roos Galjaard was interviewed by The Knowledge of the Seas network (INTERACT) which aims to bring together maritime Interreg programmes with maritime stakeholders and experts during the event.

All in all, EMD proved to be a fruitful event for the CHERISH partners and they hope to make good use of the knowledge and the new contacts that were established. CHERISH will apply for a workshop for the next EMD 2020 in Cork.