The first Interregional Learning and Exchange of Experience Event (ILEEE) took place in Middelburg, the Netherlands from 16 to 17 November 2018 with the participation of all partners and key stakeholders of all partner regions.

The learning process focused on the following topics:

A. Policies & Strategies

B. Cultural heritage assets (tangible & intangible)

C. Traditional Ecological Knowledge

D. Economic opportunities

E. Stakeholder involvement

During 2 days of ILEEE in Middelburg, partners and stakeholders met and discussed about the fishery community in Zeeland, paying attention to the five themes of the Peer Review, to identify support methods for local producers and their associations, to encourage introduction of innovation, while preserving traditional and specific character of new product market combinations and storytelling based on cultural heritage of fishing communities.

The questions and comments have contributed to create an exhaustive and relevant picture regarding the current situation of fishery community in Zeeland, providing a basis of reflection for Peer Review.  

The ILEEE started with an introduction of the regional situation and challenges in Zeeland and the Policy instrument: OP South: Operational Programme South Netherlands ERDF 2014-2020.  A site visit to the wharf of Arnemuiden offered opportunities for participants to learn about the inclusion of young people in the maintenance of living cultural heritage and showed how the parallel development of a boat-building museum next to a traditional wharf can work.