The 2nd Local Support Group meeting of the Italian project partners took place on the 21st of March 2017 in Bologna (Italy). In the LSG meeting participated 23 members. The members were from ERVET, Metropolitan City of Bologna, public institutions and enterprises.

The main objective of the LSG meeting was:“New business models, Re-generate, Virtualize, Share: new ways for developing circular economy models and Green Public Procurement". 3 best practices were presented (regenerate, virtualize, share) from enterprises and were followed by questions and answers. A presentation of the Life cycle costing tool (theory and an example of application) took place and an open debate on the opportunity for GPP application followed. Also, one more presentation took place for the Regional by- products official register with instructions for applicants and was followed by questions and answers.  

The meeting participants discussed about: Local support group (LSG) next meetings (timing and topics to be debated), the involvement of LSG members in testing the project tools (green profile assessment and Return on investment), the contribution of LSG members to actions which has to be listed in the Local Action Plan.