The 2nd South Ostrobothnian local support group meeting took place in Seinäjoki (Finland), in February 9th. There were 11 members in the group, 3 from the Regional Council of S.Ostrobothnia, 3 from JPYP Business Service and 5 other invited participants,


The project partners gave a presentation about the progress of the project. The meeting participants discussed the implementation of their future commitments as partners (Action Plan, White Book, etc.) and the procedure for identifying good practices on their region.  


The main objective of the meeting was to investigate the economic and social benefits of circular value chain with the concept of Circular Economy and specifically in bioenergy. Therefore they are planning to organize their study visit in other participant countries (Bulgaria, Italy), as well as exchanging experiences on their business models and their logistical processes on biogas plants. , techniques, new ideas and smart solutions.