Circular economy and CESME project were the main themes of the three days meetings and visits between the Metropolitan City of Bologna and the delegation of Austin (Texas - USA).
The meeting held in Bologna, is a long-term project for International Urban Collaboration (IUC) in partnership with both the public and private sectors. The world urbanization program is increasing rapidly. Cities are increasingly recognized as the arena where solutions to major social and environmental challenges should be implemented. This rapid change has completed the demand for services in the energy, water, health and transport sectors. Circular economy can be an answer to these problems.
Thus, the metropolitan City of Bologna presented the strengths and the surveys carried out in  CESME project, participated by 10 partners from 6 different countries (Italy, Finland, Denmark, Bulgaria, United Kingdom and Greece). The objectives of the project are: to address and improve the effectiveness and impact of problems, improve regional policies and development agencies to implement financial instruments to help SMEs approach the green economy.
The project makes available some tools to SMEs. The first is the White Book with information and best practices of circular economy, the second is the Circular Economy Toolkit to get a sort of online advice on the circular potential of your company and, lastly, the Social Return on Investment, an indicator to quantify the "circular" economic, social and economic impact of the company.
During the meeting the American delegation also followed the presentation of Professor Elettra Agliardi from University of Bologna, who illustrated a very detailed study on the circular economy, monitoring its benefits and some good practices of the Emilia-Romagna territory.
The American delegation appreciated the entire meeting and treasured these tools and the good practices presented.