Project good practices

BONBONELLLA - A 'reuse' shop

Summary: Bonbonella-Cute Bar is a small café operating in an environmental friendly way identifying solutions to reduce energy consumption and utilizing by-products.

Location: Κεντρική Μακεδονία, Greece (Ελλαδα)

HUMANITA textile recycling

Summary: Innovative approach that makes textile collecting possible in Eastern European countries

Location: Южен централен, Bulgaria (България)

Waste Management Company / Lakeuden Ympäristöhuolto Oy

Summary: Lakeuden Ympäristöhuolto Oy is a modern waste management pioneer that sorts out waste with an optical waste management system.

Location: Länsi-Suomi, Finland (Suomi)

Lapuan Peruna Oy / Lapua's Peruna Ltd.

Summary: Lapuan Peruna is a company that produces potato starch for paper industry and has actively sought solutions to utilize by-products from the production process.

Location: Länsi-Suomi, Finland (Suomi)

Plastec Finland

Summary: The manufacture of wood and plastic combining composite products is different from the manufacture of plastic products.

Location: Länsi-Suomi, Finland (Suomi)

Circulation in Kohiwood Wood Processing Factory

Summary: Advanced circulation and utilization practice of side products in a wood processing company Oy Kohiwood Ltd. Soini Finland.

Location: Länsi-Suomi, Finland (Suomi)

Agrobioenergia biogas plant: an example of circular economy...

Summary: Agrobioenergia is a farming cooperative society that built a biogas plant fed with biomass from 25 associated farmers (corn and agricultural by-products)

Location: Emilia-Romagna, Italy (Italia)

Herambiente - Innovative waste sorting

Summary: A forefront technology for waste sorting: optical reader in the treatment plant located in Bologna with an overall recovery capability of 70%

Location: Abruzzo, Italy (Italia)

Sustainable waste water management

Summary: Porto Carras resort implements waste water recycling methods and sustainable use of sewage sludge.

Location: Aνατολική Μακεδονία, Θράκη, Greece (Ελλαδα)

Sustainable construction and energy saving

Summary: Design and implementation of a ’combined energy and water system’ for 5* hotels and spa by SYCHEM SA.

Location: Aνατολική Μακεδονία, Θράκη, Greece (Ελλαδα)

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