Circular economy: Possible solutions

29-30 November, Bologna

Presenting experiences and good business practices

On 29 and 30 November, the Città Metropolitana di Bologna is organizing the meeting “Circular Economy: Possible solutions”. The event is organized as part of the Interreg Europe project CESME, to which the Città participates along with ERVET.

Delegations from Denmark, Finland, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Greece will also take part in the meeting. In these two days they will have the opportunity to meet and visit some centers of excellence in our territory, which are carrying out successful initiatives related to circular economy.

In the first day the event will take place at Palazzo Malvezzi. It will be dedicated to good business practices. During the morning examples by small and medium-sized firms will be presented, as well as the Bulgarian experience. Amp recycling will present how to close the loop for food packaging. Hydra Italy will present how to convert sludge of small plants of urban sewage into reusable synthetic gas (syngas). Moreover, Last Minute Market, a spin-off of the University of Bologna, will present how to combat waste. In the afternoon the delegation of the CESME project will also have the opportunity to visit the establishments of Herambiente and Granarolo.

In the second day the event will take place in Palazzo d'Accursio, and will be focused on policies to promote circular economy. Further to the project partners members of the local support group will also take part in the discussion. Three workshops have been planned: “Obstacles to cooperation between enterprises”, “How to overcome these obstacles”, “How investors see the circular economy”. Examples of circular economy approaches by sector will be presented, as well as the likely contribution of Smart Specialization Strategy, followed by debate on how to increase the knowledge and appreciation of green investments.

The Città Metropolitana di Bologna considers sustainable development as a central theme for the meeting and a potential for economic and territorial development.

For information:

Valeria Stacchini: tel. 051-6599626, email: [email protected]

The CESME project is funded by Interreg Europe, with the aim of supporting SMEs in approaching the circular economy. The circular economy is based on the optimization of systems, rather than individual components, and the transition from a "linear" approach to "circular and resilient production systems".

The CESME project will establish a roadmap to achieve precisely this goal, through the exchange of experiences on policies and tools to support SMEs, the identification of good practices, estimating the economic and social benefits and creating a guide.

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