A functional circular economy model could be the solution to our planet's emerging resource problems, as well as to the competitiveness of the European resource dependent economy. 

The CESME (Circular Economy for SMEs) project aims to address the issues that prohibit the promotion of circular economy in the European regions and countries.

In November 2016, project partners from six European countries will be hosted in Bologna, Italy, by Metropolitan City of Bologna and ERVET Development Agency. In this two-day event (29-30.11.2016) they will have the chance to address the legislative, financial and other existing barriers for the promotion of circular economy between different sectors of the economy. The event will also be an opportunity for bringing on the same table policy makers and investors, to exchange their views on the needs and the existing potential for circular economy model.

The partner meeting will take place at:

Citta metropolitana di Bologna

Palazzo Malvezzi

Via Zamboni, 13