Awahi, an ethical well-being brand  that cares for the planet.

Sandra Pasero was born in Grenoble, a neuroscientist, then a journalist, editor-in-chief for magazines on sustainable development. After years of practice, she went back to university and enrolled in the Marseille School of Journalism. This was followed by a very enriching year of travel, marked by encounters, exploration of the ocean floor, and the discovery of different cultures. This experience confirmed her the idea that we must preserve our planet and do everything possible to protect it. She chose to settle in Marseille, which combines her passion for the sea and the mountains. She then decided to put her commitment to sustainable development to good use, and to retrain and specialize in everything related to innovation, the circular economy, and eco-design.Starting from the observation that the textile industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world, and that cost reduction strategies to offer ever-lower and more attractive prices are carried out at the expense of employees, to which must be added transport. She founded her company Awahi (in reference to Hawaii), a brand of technical, eco-designed, multi-purpose sportswear made in France, to combine the practice of sport for our well-being and of the planet. Brand philosophy: to reduce waste by recycling or reusing it, but also to limit the environmental and social impacts of the textile industry. The protection of nature and respect for people are the values that drive it.


From plastic bottles to swimwear

Its first products are leggings and swimming costumes with a multisport bra for women. All of the products are made from recycled polyester that is mechanically recycled from post-consumer PET bottles. The recycled polyester yarn is made in Italy as there is no production in France. The eco-design, knitting, printing, dyeing, packaging, and labels are all done in France and all suppliers are committed to an environmental and social quality approach. In addition, after two years of research and development, Awahi has designed a technical and hybrid fabric that dries quickly, wicks moisture, protects against the sun UPF50, and is lightweight.
Awahi goes even further and in a circular economy approach, decides to collect and valorize sports waste. The recovery of neoprene wetsuits, kitesurf wings, boat sails, which give a second life by reusing them in accessories (bracelets, pouches, bags ...)  Sandra Pasero not only participates in the protection of the planet but also contributes to the economy in the South of France by creating jobs while contributing to the sustainability of the French textile industry.