Lahti Green Capital 2021 is a pioneer in the circular economy, and this can also be seen in enthusiastic waste sorting in the everyday life of Lahti people. The citizens were already sorting waste in the 1990s. Click here and watch video.

Learn more about the (PATINA Recycling Center) CECI Good Practices presented in the video: https://www.interregeurope.eu/policylearning/good-practices/item/4665/modern-recycling-centre-implementing-sharing-economy-and-social-sustainability/

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Through interregional cooperation among 8 partners and 6 countries, the Interreg Europe funded project CECI (2019-2023), Citizen Involvement in Circular Economy Implementation, shares information, experiences, and good practices of citizen participation in a circular economy. CECI informs of the good practices between project partners, stakeholders and citizens. The CECI project is led by LAB University of Applied Sciences in Lahti, Finland.

Watch video: www.youtube.com/watch