CECI project meeting

CECI project held a meeting discussing various semester 4 tasks and upcoming Interregional meetings. Concerns for Covid-19 and travel restrictions were discussed and taken into considerations the different Covid-19 situations in the CECI partners regions.

Action plan processes were discussed and Good practices from CECI partners.  Through interregional cooperation among eight partners, the CECI – Citizen Involvement in Circular Economy Implementation project collects and shares such good practices to inspire other regions in their implementation of new good practices. There are NEW and upcoming CECI good practices emerging their way to the CECI website, stay tuned for more news on the CECI good practices.

Want to know more about the CECI project?

In short: CECI has eight partners in six European regions (Finland, France, Czech Republic, Spain, Bulgaria, and Belgium) that declare and showcase existing good practices. The CECI project cooperates with the regional decision-makers and local stakeholders to develop better policies supporting the transition to these circular economy practices.  Furthermore, and most importantly CECI promotes and encourages citizen involvement in a circular economy.

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