CECI project partner BAA invites 3 organizations from Varna, that offer sustainable services and products. After they introduce their practices, we will discuss with all participants, focusing on how we can develop more sustainable start-ups in Varna.
Moreover, BAA invites municipal representatives, with whom we will discuss the possibilities of implementing circular economy resources and waste strategy in Varna. During the discussion all participants will brainstorm their ideas for developing the zero-waste strategy. The main aim is to attract citizens’ attention to sustainable circular economy practices that could be implemented at a wider level in Varna.

•    The seminar is aimed for citizens in Varna, who want to be involved in the development of a waste strategy that focuses on circular economy. Sustainable business owners are also invited to share their activities to present the already existing zero waste products and services. We aim at increasing the awareness and promoting the benefits of running a sustainable business, in order to motivate citizens to use CECI good practices as an inspiration for starting zero-waste activities.
•    The seminar is interactive and requires the active involvement of participants. After presenting good practices and successful sustainable business the participants will use slido to brainstorm their ideas and suggestions for developing the zero-waste strategy.

•    Silvia Stumpf and Nadejda Alexieva will guide us through the webinar.
•    The webinar respects COVID-19 restrictions.