Don't throw away and upcycle - Upcycling is as old as humanity itself.

Upcycling is a transformation of no longer serving but still usable objects into new objects of either the same or different value. It is the reuse of materials and products. Extending product lifecycle and saving resources.

In the New Life for Textile workshop, you will be able to test it in practice. Sewing machines will be available on-site, where you can try to sew your own bag from old T-shirts that would otherwise end up as waste.

The textile industry significantly contributes to pollution and 200,000 tons of textile waste is thrown away in the Czech Republic every year. It is a consequence of today's consumer society. We would like to contribute at least a little in changing the thinking about textile waste. We would like to create nice and useful everyday items from unused textiles. As many end up in waste bins, instead, they can get a new purpose in a very original form. "That's why my brand Recyklátor was created", says Petra Nedbálková the founder of Recyklátor and the founder of the first Upcy Club in Ostrava, who will guide us through the entire workshop.